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Pressure Die Casting&Extrusion

Pressure Die Casting is filled the Casting mold with metal materials in pressure, velocity, temperature, time and other factors,dynamic equilibrium to form the workpiece. The extrusion is fixed to the press through the punch of the mold cavity pressure on the metal materials so that the materials transfigured in order to obtain the necessary cavity structure shape, size and mechanical properties of a certainpart of a processing method.The two kinds of CNC machining technologies to adapt to the continuing demand for large batches, single-piece casting and extrusion relatively low cost, efficient.

In casting and extrusion, MAYA has advanced equipments and strong technology, which make high quality, Clear and transparent quotation, personalized service, fast delivery,which has won the long-term stable cooperation and support from our customers.

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Range of services: Die casting process is mainly used for road lamp, the car's cooling pump casing, clutch housing, automobile engines, motorcycle engines of the die casting, carburetor, water taps, gas bottles, and other areas of valve products. Extrusion process is also very wide range of applications, building materials, extruded, tubular motor body, power tools, construction machinery, bicycle parts and other fields.

Main processing materials: aluminum, copper£¬etc.

Surface treatment: sandblasting, a variety of oxidation.

Casting and extrusion purposes : high volume processing, artifacts and other special purposes.

Drawing format: IGS, STP, STEP (3D: for product processing) and PDF (2D: Product tapping, product tolerances, etc.).

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